Part-time Mystery Shoppers & Online Testers needed

Become part of our tester group. We’re looking for dynamic people to become a part-time product tester/mystery shopper. This is a part-time position and you can work from home, testing selected Online Services.

No qualification needed, the successful candidate will be:

  • English speaking (basic English required)
  • Experience in Online Shopping
  • 18 years or older
  • Taking a questionnaire to rate the shopping experience


Your feedback as a product tester will provide us and our clients with valuable insights to improve products and services. You will test and rate online for £30 – £50 per hour. A typical tester will earn around £400 – £800 a month.

Due to the high amount of applications we receive, an application fee of £49 has been introduced, to be paid via PayPal.

This will ensure that only genuinely interested applicants are being considered. You will be admitted to our testing group instantly and earn a minimum of £200 cash (not vouchers) in the first month guaranteed, otherwise processing fee will be fully refunded.

Please pay the application processing fee below to get started.

Pay Processing Fee